Tuesday, January 4, 2011

{fabric & sewing}


Today I'm heading out to JoAnn's to shop for fabric.
I love looking for lovely colors and patterns, trying new combinations,
matching thread and buttons...I just think it's so much fun.

The only part I don't enjoy? The lines at the cutting counter. ;)

I'm hoping to add more to the shop very soon, and I'm also preparing for a craft show at the end of February. I'll be sewing away until then, and trying to stay diligent and get a lot done.

In the meantime, what would you like to see added to the shop?
What's your current favorite color combination?
I'd love to hear your input!


Sandy a la Mode said...

yayyy i LOVE looking for fabrics at joann's! i could spend hours there! wish we could look together! :) if the line is long, i always get a number BEFORE i start looking - i find that that helps!! :)

kate @ be merry, kate said...

I'm due for a trip to JoAnn's real soon! Hopefully on Saturday! I love blues and greens together!


Kim Franklin said...

you should really move down to San Diego, or just shop for fabric down here... haha we never ever have lines, I was never much into sewing, but my sister was and she would never have to stand in a line. People scrap book more where I live haha... bring a book to read in line, It really makes time fly, thats what I do. Happy shopping..... Thanks for commenting on my blog :-)


Amy said...

I'm on the same page. I generally try to avoid Joann's because of that darn cutting line. And when I do go there I stock up big time. My shop is also depleted from the holidays and I need to re-stock. Good luck to you!

Unknown said...

I have discovered that going to Jo Ann's shortly after opening or about an hour before closing, it is DEAD! I hate the cutting line, and try to avoid it at all costs! When I went in the other day, the worker told me that Jo Ann's was bought out, they should be having HUGE sales in the coming weeks, to get rid of inventory! :)

Katie said...

I still think a necklace made from your flowers and ribbon would be amazing. I love the light green and light blue mix (kind of like the potholders) .... Love you!!!!

Michelle Schraudner said...

ooohhhh I love your new fabrics! they're so bright and lovely!

Meg said...

The closest JoAnn's is 50 miles away...boo!
Colors I am loving now are orange & avacado green, grey and mustard yellow and light turquise and light yellow!


The Bonjour Four said...

I LOVE JoANN's.. but i do hate waiting at the cutting counter. ugh.

can't wait to see all the things you are busy sewing!

love your blog girl.. passed on an award to you