Tuesday, February 19, 2013

link love // 2.19

1 // looove this cute (free!) print; my husband is the best sweetheart ever.
2 // a gorgeous knitted blanket Elise made for her baby girl.
3 // couldn't resist sharing this pretty wedding - the reception decor is my favorite part.
4 // I think I need a wood slice chalkboard somewhere in my house.
5 // dishing on Downton - I cracked up over these videos. love Downton Abbey!
6 // loved Caroline's post + printable on The Important Things in life.

any links you've been loving lately? please share!

Monday, February 11, 2013

inspire me // hearts

valentines day is just around the corner,
so i'm sharing some pretty lovey-dovey hearts
that are inspiring me today!
heart gift wrap // wood heart necklace // corner bookmarks
arrow heart tee // washi tape // heart + keys stamp

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

life lately // Feb. 6th

{a little peek into my world via my instagram profile}

All I can say is, January flew by.
My intentions were to get back into
regular blogging in the new year,
but I guess this new month is close

So, here I am. My life lately?

 >> I started a new job (working for my husband) in December. I only work part time, in the mornings, and I enjoy it. I get to see my husband more, which is a big bonus for me, plus I'm not at home by myself all day. I still feel like I haven't quite gotten a grip on the whole working-outside-the-home + still-keeping-everything-at-home-running, but I guess it takes time.

 >> I've been sending out lots of cards + letters to some of my "online friends". I so enjoy snail mail, don't you? :) Finding something pretty in your mailbox makes the whole day brighter!

 >> I've been spending most of my free time cleaning the house, doing dishes, hanging out with my mister, or knitting. Someday, when I finish the baby blankets I'm working on for friends, I hope to share some other creative projects.

 >> Newest goal? To finish the 30 Day Shred! The first couple days were really, really rough, but I'm determined to get through it. I haven't had as much time to go walking, so a 20 minute video is fitting into my day a little easier.

How about you? What have you been up to? I miss my bloggy friends! I'm working on blogging more consistently, so hopefully I can keep up with all of you a little more. :)

Have a lovely, wonderful Wednesday!