Wednesday, November 30, 2011

cozy up with crocheting.

I love all sorts of creative endeavors,
and crocheting is definitely one of my favorites!

I was blessed to have an older lady from church teach me
the crocheting basics years & years ago,
and I just wanted to share a few simple projects...

a cozy circle scarf 
{thanks to Lindsay for sharing this with me!}
I've made several of these already for blog friends,
and they're really easy & fun.

a pretty potholder
I made a couple of these potholders for myself
before I got married, and I love them!
Especially perfect for putting under hot bowls of soup. :)

cute little ornaments
I think these are lovely,
and I just got the supplies to make some yesterday.
I'm hoping to make a couple today!
{I think they'd make adorable gift toppers, too.}

Do you crochet?
If any of you have any crocheting questions, etc,
I'd be happy to help! ;)



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Monday, November 28, 2011

a pretty new necklace {christmas craft along!}

Hello, morning!

I've got my coffee in hand,
Christmas music playing,
a looong list of chores to finish {later},
and a sweet project to share with you!

I really love to give handmade gifts for Christmas.
{I wrote about it last year, too.}
This year, my list seems longer, and I'm not making as many gifts.
BUT I definitely did a bunch of my shopping on Etsy
to support other handmade shops. ;)

Here's a little project I did on Saturday,
a pretty pom pom necklace for one of my sisters-in-law...

cutting lots & lots of small circles...

making progress...

and it's done!

It was pretty easy & only took me about an hour to put together.
The only change I made is that I'm going to add a necklace clasp to the chain,
just to make it easier to put on/take off.

It's a beautiful necklace,
and I'm pretty sure my sister-in-law will love it!

Are you making any of your gifts this year?
Maybe someone on your list would love this necklace, too!

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Friday, November 25, 2011

{handmade} black friday deals!

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

so thankful.

I'm taking the day off tomorrow to spend time with my husband & our family,
so I'm posting some things I'm thankful for early...

Oh, and be sure to stop by on Friday!
I'll be sharing some great handmade Black Friday deals
that you won't want to miss.

{our leaves for my in-laws' thankful tree}

I have SO much to be thankful for.
I really, really do.

I'm thankful that my Father's grace is all-sufficient,
no matter how many times I mess up.

I'm thankful for my wonderful, amazing husband.
I'm thankful that this year he is my husband, not just my boyfriend.
I'm thankful for how hard he works.
That he helps me out in so many ways.
That he makes me a better version of me.
That he loves me through all my craziness.

I'm thankful for my family {which is now a lot bigger!}.
I'm thankful for the way my parents raised me,
even though I didn't always agree with them.
I'm thankful for my 4 little sisters.
I'm thankful that I have great in-laws.
For my friendship with my sisters-in-law.
For my sweet nieces & nephews.

I'm thankful that my husband fully supports me in
being a stay-at-home wife {and someday, mother!}.
Thankful that I can serve him by taking care of our home.
That it gives me time to pursue all my various projects.
That he doesn't say anything when he comes home to a crazy crafting mess...

I'm thankful for my husband's job.
That even in all the crazy changes,
God has been faithful & provided so much for us.
I'm thankful for our cozy home.
Thankful for a place to call our own.

I'm thankful for the ability to create.
For my hands & the things they can do with fabric, hot glue, etc.
For my sewing machine.
Thankful for my little shop, Petunia Blooms.
For color, needles & thread, crocheting, and more.

I'm thankful for music.
Thankful for the years of piano lessons I've had.
Thankful that it's something I can use in my church.
Thankful for all the music I can listen to on Pandora.
For all the inspiration music holds.

I'm thankful for good books.
Thankful that my mom taught me to love reading,
all those years ago.
Thankful for libraries & book stores.
Thankful for all the things I've learned just through reading.

I'm thankful for my little corner of the blog world.
Thankful for the lovely ladies I've "met" through blogging.
Thankful for your encouragement, dear readers.

I'm thankful to be me.
For this wonderful life I've been given.
For finding joy in the everyday.

So much to be thankful for,
and not just on Thanksgiving. :)

What are you thankful for today?

Sunday, November 20, 2011


hello, monday.

hello, soreness...why does my body feel so old?!

hello, Starbucks. {a caramel macchiatto for me, please!}

hello, Christmas shopping with my sisters-in-law.

hello, a-million-and-one projects to get done in the next couple weeks.

hello, housework.

hello, Thanksgiving is THURSDAY. Crazy.

hello, green bean casserole & apple pies. {those will be my contributions to the meal!}

hello, blessings. I have SO much to be thankful for.

hello, handsome husband. <3

hello, happiness. :)

{inspired by the lovely Lisa Leonard, of course...}

Friday, November 18, 2011

{the little things} :: my week in pictures

It's been a good week.
I can hardly believe it's Friday already!

Here's a peek at what I've been up to all week...

a cinnamon dolce latte on a chilly morning /// pumpkin spice muffins for a yummy treat

crocheting a pretty circle scarf /// a flower "garden" {hair clips for my nieces}

finally finished all the thank you notes from the wedding! /// I love Monopoly :)

an extra ice cube tray + my messy assortment of bobby pins =
a cheap way to organize them!

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I'm petuniablooms!

life rearranged

Aisle to Aloha

Thursday, November 17, 2011

{fun with my sister!}

Did you know that I have 4 sisters?
I grew up in a house of all girls {except for my dad},
and it was definitely fun.
Crazy, but fun. ;)

My little sister is staying with us for the next couple days,
and I'm so excited about having some time with my her!
We have plans to go to Starbucks, shopping, a trip to JoAnn's,
watching Monk, and just hanging out.
She's my best friend, other than my hubby. :)


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