Wednesday, November 30, 2011

cozy up with crocheting.

I love all sorts of creative endeavors,
and crocheting is definitely one of my favorites!

I was blessed to have an older lady from church teach me
the crocheting basics years & years ago,
and I just wanted to share a few simple projects...

a cozy circle scarf 
{thanks to Lindsay for sharing this with me!}
I've made several of these already for blog friends,
and they're really easy & fun.

a pretty potholder
I made a couple of these potholders for myself
before I got married, and I love them!
Especially perfect for putting under hot bowls of soup. :)

cute little ornaments
I think these are lovely,
and I just got the supplies to make some yesterday.
I'm hoping to make a couple today!
{I think they'd make adorable gift toppers, too.}

Do you crochet?
If any of you have any crocheting questions, etc,
I'd be happy to help! ;)



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Just head over to Caroline's blog. ;)


Nay said...

I just started getting back into crotcheting:) It's great isn't it? My only thing is I don't know all the terminology and am stuck making scarves. {hint hint} :0)
Cute to see it!

Alyson @Vintage Sunshine said...

I need to learn to crotchet. That scarf looks just like the one around my neck that my mom made me! Gorgeous. The ornaments are adorable!!

Jennifer said...

too cute! :)

Ngaio Emery said...

I have tried to teach myself (thanks youtube :P) but only ever really made a single line... Not really useful! I am going to try making granny squares soon!

I love all your creations! Especially the pot holders, they would be sweet as table settings on soup days :)

Ngaio May

splendeurcaisse said...

THanks for stopping by my blog. I really like the scarf and potholders here.