Monday, February 28, 2011

{craft fair, postponed}

{image from the queen bee market via mommy holly}

I mentioned at the beginning of January that I would be taking part in a craft fair at the end of February. That craft fair was supposed to take place this past Saturday...but it was postponed.

Until October.
2 weeks after we get married.

I'm glad that I have more time to prepare.
But, I'll be a newlywed.

Fortunately, I have a very supportive family {especially my sister} who assure me that they'll run my table if I decide that I can't be there.
The Sweetheart said he could do without me for a day.
And I can spend more time on products, making everything as perfect as possible.
{I tend to be a little OCD about such things}

I'll also have some time to stock the shop with new lovelies, hurray!

Once again, if any of you lovely readers has any advice to share about craft fairs, please do! I'd love to hear from you.

Friday, February 25, 2011

{lovely finds} this week's favorites

I'm constantly adding new lovelies to my favorites on Etsy,
and I just adore sharing them...

{I think these are my favorite favorites of the week.
I'd love to own them in slate, soft pink and hot pink!}

{Love this soft pink & gray combo.
Not sure if it would fit, but I still like it.}

{Someone else already bought this sweet headband,
but I still think it's gorgeous. It's the pianist in me.}

{I have a few of these hairpins, but I'd love to add more colors to
my collection. I think they're such a sweet addition to any hairstyle.}

{The Sweetheart always tells me that he loves me more.
Melts my heart every time.}

{Love it. Perfect for snail mail!}

What have you been loving this week?


I hope you all have an absolutely wonderful weekend!
The Sweetheart's niece turned one this week, and we're going to her party tomorrow...I know it'll be fun! I always love hanging out with his family. :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

found, and other wedding thoughts


Last week I was very stressed about wedding plans.
This week is better. Thank goodness!

The biggest news is that we found our photographer!
I like her photos, and she's been great to work with so far.
Having quality photos from our wedding is so important to me,
and now I don't have to worry about finding someone.
Seriously, I can't tell you how grateful I am.

Also, we are the 1st of 3 couples getting married {from our church}.
October 8th, November 5th & November 11th, I believe.
I'm sure that will be fun, but it could get a little crazy!

I have my dress and my shoes.
The shoes are perfect. I love them lots. :)

I might have a reception room...
my mom and I are going to go look at it today.
If that will work for us, I won't have much left to worry about.
And that would be amazing.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

calendar love {even in february...}

I know that you usually get a new calendar at the beginning of a new year. But I added a calendar to my collection last week, so I had to share... :)

I love calendars. It probably has something to do with my organized/plan-in-advance/remember-the-details side. I have 2 planners for this year, plus my iTouch calendar, plus Gmail calendars. Yep.

But last week I wanted something pretty for my wall, and look what I found!

{sorry, these pictures aren't the best. the lighting on that wall is very odd...}

It's not the most practical, considering you can't really write in appointments and such, but I obviously didn't need a{nother} practical calendar.

And it's very pretty, so it doesn't have to be practical. :)

You can even print out your own for free!
Just head on over to this Creature Comforts post.

So, tell me...
How many calendars do you have?

Monday, February 21, 2011


{seriously, I love searching Etsy for "coffee" just to see what I can come up with. You've probably noticed. ;)}

Not at all my favorite day.
Usually Mondays are my "off day".
I don't have to go anywhere, so I'll spend the day
cleaning, sewing, taking photos for the shop, etc, etc.
Today, however, I have lots of other stuff to do.
Namely playing {chauffeur} for my little sister...
Oh well.

Hope your Monday is lovely & productive!


The winner of the {lovebirds} giveaway is #24,
sweet Rachel from Cherry Tree Lane!
Rachel, you've got email. :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

congratulations... Kaylie!

{#23 is the randomly chosen winner of the Josiah's Nest giveaway}

Thanks to everyone who entered!
Kaylie, I've sent you an email. :)

Catie's Garden {shop feature}

a little {shop feature} for you today...

Catie is a 13 year old who has been making Fabric Flowers since last summer.
She originally opened her shop to try to raise money for a girls camp she goes to in the summer, but then her grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her grandmother does not have very good insurance and the bills are high. Part of the money she gets from her shop goes to help her grandmother. Anything helps!

I asked Catie a few questions about herself & her shop...

If you could only choose 3 words to describe yourself, what would they be?
I would say I am funky, love to laugh, and daring.

As you work on your shop, how do you find inspiration?
I find my inspiration by looking outside (at the snow), I am a big fan of photography and one of my favorite photographers is Gordon Parks, I love how he captures the world and I love to look at them when I make flowers.
What is your favorite item in your shop right now?That's a hard question! I'd have to say the Red and Black organza flower, it reminds me of a tango dancer, I love the colors. :)

I'd encourage you to stop by Catie's Garden...which flower do you like the best?


Only a few more hours to enter the Josiah's Nest giveaway - the winner will be announced later this afternoon!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

{good morning, coffee}

Yesterday the sweetheart told me that I couldn't survive without my morning coffee,
so we must have a coffee maker when we get married. He might be right.

I painted my fingernails this pretty color yesterday.

I'm currently painting myself a chalkboard for a wedding project.
Mine is going to be different than Caroline's, but I love the idea!

If you haven't yet, be sure to stop by and enter the
{good luck!}

My mind is pretty much going a million directions at once...

I'm trying not to be stressed out about wedding plans, but it's rough.
Finding a photographer within my budget and a large enough reception room
{also within budget} are my biggest worries right now. *sigh*

{Also, having a mother with a good memory would be helpful at this point.}

Other than that? I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday. :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

happiness & a shop update

So, you know how I mentioned in this post that I didn't
think I was getting anything for Valentine's Day?

I should have known better.

He certainly know how to make me happy. :)


I've been busily sewing zipped pouches lately...
I realized that the shop was a little bare!
I listed three new lovelies yesterday, and I think they're adorable!

{Hmmm...I think I should have looked up a synonym for "sweet". ;)}

Don't you love them? I kind of wish I could keep them...


Have a wonderful Tuesday!
I have a busy day of errands and such...until next time!

Monday, February 14, 2011

lovebirds {a valentine's giveaway!}

As a little "thank you so much for your support, love you!"...

I'm giving away these sweet little goodies to one of you readers!

-two adorable lovebirds, crocheted just for you.
-rosette hair pins in pink & red {of course}.
-Twilight Woods shower gel from B&BW (travel-sized)
{please note, the mug pictured is just a prop...}

To enter, you must be a follower of The Sweetest Petunia,
and leave a comment about anything.
Please leave your email address so I can easily contact the winner.

Happy Valentine's Day!

{the fine print}
open to US Only, please
giveaway will end next Monday, 2/21
winner will be randomly chosen & annonced here
good luck!


{Also, be sure to enter the Josiah's Nest giveaway!}

Friday, February 11, 2011

Josiah's Nest {a giveaway!}

It's been awhile since a favorite handmade shop has been featured here at
The Sweetest Petunia...but I have a wonderful one for you today!

I just love this shop!
Moriah has the loveliest things, including those fabulous knot necklaces.
{I'm hoping to buy one someday soon.}

I asked Moriah to tell us a little about herself...

What are 3 words that describe you?
colorful, sarcastic, mother (random, i know)

Where do you find inspiration?
I find my inspiration from my favorite stores (Anthropologie, JCrew, Fossil, Rouche), my favorite music (Chris McClarney, Cory Asbury, Marc Broussard, Dave Barnes), and my favorite design blogs (Decor8, Bleubird Vintage, Design*Sponge, Modish).

What is your favorite item in your shop right now?
 My favorite item is my Singer Machine Simple Charm Necklace! {I love it, too!}

Lovely, right? :)


If you'd like to do a little shopping, you can use the discount code
for 10% off your purchase!


Moriah is also giving away a $20 shop credit!
I'll be honest, I'm a little jealous... ;)

To enter, visit Josiah's Nest and leave a comment about your favorite item.
For extra entries, follow Moriah on Twitter and Facebook.
Please, leave your email address so I can contact you if you win!

{the fine print}
open to US citizens only!
This giveaway will end on Friday, 2/18.
The winner will be randomly chosen and announced shortly thereafter.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

10 {random} things

1} I absolutely love that print. And this one, too.

2} It's raining. I really, really do not enjoy rain.

3} I tend to exaggerate. I know I shouldn't, but I do.

4} I need to take some new product pictures for the shop,
but it always seems to be raining when I have the time.

5} I wish I could type {quickly} with one hand, so I could drink my coffee
and blog at the same time. Then my coffee wouldn't be cold by the time I get to it.

6} I'm very thankful for all of you who read my ramblings and love me anyway. :)

7} I found the cutest card for the sweetheart for Valentine's Day. Love it!

8} I don't think I'm getting anything for Valentine's Day...

9} But you might! I have something kinda special planned. :)

10} Plus, there's something special going up tomorrow. I'm excited to share!

11} I thought I would have a hard time coming up with 10 things. Obviously not. ;)


I'll be back tomorrow with a special feature for you. Enjoy your Thursday!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

{snapshot} reading

Oops! I realized recently that I inadvertently copied the term lifesnaps from the sweet ladies at The Lovely these posts will simply be "snapshots". :)


Most people who know me know that I read. A lot.
This stack is what I'm working on now,
lots of marriage/devotional books.
And I didn't take a picture of my "for fun" stack... ;)

What are you reading right now?

Monday, February 7, 2011

some {petunia blooms} for you!

hello and welcome to all of you new followers! so excited to have you here. :)


Would you like to snag some Petunia Blooms lovelies for yourself?
You would? Great!

Right now there are 2 chances for you to win:

Celeste from Swell Swag is hosting a chance for you
to win a $20 shop credit, good for anything in the shop!
{open until 2-13-11}

These sets aren't available in the shop {currently}, so this is your
chance to get your own. :)
{ends 2-14-11}

I hope you'll stop by and enter each of these giveaways, and good luck!


have a wonderful Monday!

Friday, February 4, 2011

{my afternoons}

This is what most of my afternoons look.
Projects spread over the ironing board.
Including {but not limited to} blooms, bows & pouches.
The remote for the DVD player while I listen to Mansfield Park.
My handy glue gun, pins, thread, clippies, etc.
It's where I get most of my best work done. :)

What do your afternoons look like?


Have a lovely, wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

{wishlist} sewing

Just a couple fun lovelies that reflect my love of sewing...

{so cheerful! so cute!}

{this has been sold already, but I just love it!}

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Just a little sneak peek...

...of what I've been working on lately!

I just love these sweet little bows.
Hopefully some will be making it to the shop very soon!

I need your opinion, though.
Would you prefer these bows on a headband or a clippie?
{the one I'm wearing is on a headband, but I like the clippies for flexibility}
I'd love to know what you think!