Monday, February 28, 2011

{craft fair, postponed}

{image from the queen bee market via mommy holly}

I mentioned at the beginning of January that I would be taking part in a craft fair at the end of February. That craft fair was supposed to take place this past Saturday...but it was postponed.

Until October.
2 weeks after we get married.

I'm glad that I have more time to prepare.
But, I'll be a newlywed.

Fortunately, I have a very supportive family {especially my sister} who assure me that they'll run my table if I decide that I can't be there.
The Sweetheart said he could do without me for a day.
And I can spend more time on products, making everything as perfect as possible.
{I tend to be a little OCD about such things}

I'll also have some time to stock the shop with new lovelies, hurray!

Once again, if any of you lovely readers has any advice to share about craft fairs, please do! I'd love to hear from you.


Aunt Spicy said...

its been far too long...I am finally get caught up on blog reading...CONGRATS on being engaged, that is wonderful!

Kim Franklin said...

Oh noooo, I hate when things like that happen, its a double edged sword.... good because you have more time to work on stuff... but bad because you will have it on your mind... and two weeks after your married... wow whats that for timing lol. Congrats on being engaged, how exciting... how is the wedding planning coming along?

-Much love, Kim and Mr. Gnome