Wednesday, February 9, 2011

{snapshot} reading

Oops! I realized recently that I inadvertently copied the term lifesnaps from the sweet ladies at The Lovely these posts will simply be "snapshots". :)


Most people who know me know that I read. A lot.
This stack is what I'm working on now,
lots of marriage/devotional books.
And I didn't take a picture of my "for fun" stack... ;)

What are you reading right now?


Amy said...

I have 14 novels to read this semester for 2 of my classes! More than a book a week might just do me in. I don't mind but it doesn't leave much time for "me reading".

Jhenna said...

I love love love reading as well! Right now I am reading a study guide on the book of Hebrews! (Awesome book in the bible) And I am reading Beautiful in God's Eye's (Proverbs 31 Women) By Elizabeth George! Great great book! If your reading books pertaining to marriage and what not I would definitely recommend the 5 love languages. Very awesome read and helps you really understand one another :)