Monday, October 3, 2011

{wedding week!}

can you believe it's wedding week already?!

In 5 days, I get to marry my favorite person.
I couldn't be more excited. :)

I won't be around much on the blog this week
{I'm sure you all will understand},
but you can email me if you'd like to chat.
And I've got some lovely guest posts
all ready to go for the next couple weeks.

Just pray that I keep my sanity in all of this.
My goal is to relax & enjoy it all. :)

happy wedding week!


Sandy a la Mode said...

oh my gosh!!! i am soo excited for you!! have a great wedding week!!!

Unknown said...

its going to be so fun!!! the week leading up to your wedding will *hopefully* be peaceful and stress free. have a BLAST and try to soak up every single wonderful second.. it will be over before you know it:) You're going to be a beautiful bride and I am so looking forward to seeing your pretty wedding photos!!! best wishes to you and your mister and have a FANTASTIC week!

Unknown said...

Yay Jacky! I'm so happy for you guys!!!

kate @ be merry, kate said...

I am SO ridiculously happy for you dear!!!! I can't wait to hear all about it. Enjoy every second of it.

Much love and many prayers!


ally said...

happy wedding week lady!! i'll be thinking of you and praying for you this week! i can not wait to see all your lovely pictures and hear about how amazing this week & your wedding day are! enjoy every moment!


ashley @ the 29th floor said...

Yayyy how exciting!! I don't even remember the days before my wedding, in retrospect it all just seems like a huge blurrr :)

Melissa, The 25th Hour said...

Aw! Well good luck with the planning and I expect pictures of everything soon :) Congratulations and I wish you the best wedding ever.

Nancy said...

That is so exciting. Blessings to you. Enjoy the time. I got married 14 years ago. It was all such a whirlwind. I wish I stopped and smelled the roses a bit. Congratulations. Can't wait to see pics! :)

Mandy Estes said...

Happy wedding week friend!!! I'm so excited for you. :) God bless you!