Monday, December 5, 2011

weekend fun!

Since we got married, I've cherished weekends a lot more than I used to.
I love having my man home, sleeping in a little,
having coffee together since he doesn't have to rush off to work.

This weekend was especially special.
My 21st birthday is on Christmas Day, 
so we celebrated early!
Hubby took me shopping, lunch at Chik-Fil-A,
dessert & candles to blow out.
It was a very nice way to celebrate a birthday. :)

other weekend highlights include...

...going tree shopping!
I love Christmas, and getting a tree is always one of my favorite things.
We picked out a really nice one,
and my sweet husband even let me get a little baby tree. ;)
I've been working on getting the decorations up,
and I definitely plan to share pictures soon!

...celebrating another birthday!
My niece turned 4 yesterday,
and Saturday she had a little party.
Love my little nieces & nephews! on Sunday.
I took a break from playing keyboard on
our music team when I got married,
but I played again yesterday & loved it.
I miss having a piano/keyboard in the house.

...birthday celebration with my family.
I had lunch with my family after church,
and they had a little party for me.
Complete with ice cream cake & a gift!

...Christmas shopping with my mom.
Apparently I'm good at shopping for other people,
so I helped my mom pick out gifts for a sister.

...just relaxing.
It's a nice time to unwind before the schedule of a new week.

How was your weekend?
I hope my ramblings didn't bore you...


Nancy said...

How fun..21! My weekend was all about recovering from a huge Christmas event at my church. Such a blessing but tiring. Come and check out my weeklong series and a giveaway today. I think you will like it... you can get some Christmas shopping finished... :)

Kel said...

Happy 21!! It's good to remember your 21 bday, a lot don't! haha, I do though!

Weekend was filled with fun :)

kate @ be merry, kate said...

Oh dear! Your birthday is on Christmas Day?!? That is fun! Happy early birthday since you celebrated early! 21 is a fun age! Even for a sane lady like you who I know probably isn't the type to celebrate it like many others do. ;) All the best!



Sandy a la Mode said...

ohh that is soo fun!! and what a great idea to celebrate early! my baby is probably going to be born on xmas or very close to it too!!

The Olive Tree Blog said...

Happy early birthday!!! Sounds like a lovely day!