Friday, June 15, 2012

favorites this week!

first of all, you should definitely go check out Caroline's blog;
her & Jenna are celebrating their birthdays by giving away all sorts of goodies!
There's a Petunia Blooms shop credit up for grabs, along with a lot of other things!

secondly, here are some of my favorite things from this week...


Chipotle. I could not love a burrito more.

my new {to me} car! just needs a paint job & she'll look good as new. ;)
I've never had my own car before, and I'm pretty excited!

getting lots of new pretties listed in the shop!
the photo-editing + listing process is so tedious,
so I always feel a big sense of accomplishment
when I get a big batch done.

an air-conditioned gym in our complex!
that's a recent favorite; much better than being out in the summer sun.
{also, it's been there since we moved in, I've just been afraid to go!}

fresh cherries for lunch. so yummy!

hello, bold colors! loving my new Old Navy shoes

cheerful new sunnies + this guy in aviators make me smile!

& these! I love them! Natalie sent them to me. :)
She even did a DIY post so you can make your own.


Hope you had a wonderful week, lovelies!
& have a fantastic weekend, too. ;)

linking up with Jeannett & Lindsay!



Kelly said...

very cute pics! :) Happy Friday

Rebecca @ Sink or Swim said...

Ooooh you are making me seriously miss Chipotle!

Hopping over from Hello Hue!

Unknown said...

Chipotle and I have a very long, ongoing, serious relationship. I don't think I could ever move away from Chipotle. I also now know what we are having for lunch today!

Crissy at The Little House on the Right said...

Love your new shoes! Love the pictures! Congrats on the new car!

Have a great week.

katie @ the simple songbird. said...

Ohhhhh, chipotle. I had it for lunch today for the first time in quite a while and it was just divine! :) Glad I found your blog via the link up!

habecker said...

chipotle= NOM NOM

and that is a great pic of you two (sunglassses)

Floortje said...

I really like you blog dear!
Keep posting, you do it great! :)


Unknown said...

Love your pics! I like the blue Old Navy shoes!!!