Friday, February 5, 2010

color love {tangerine}

Here at The Sweetest Petunia, there lives a girl who loooves color. It is her inspiration and joy. Really. So she's introducing her newest "feature", Color Love, to post each Friday. Each post will have a color theme, and will include items from Etsy that fit this theme. Prepare to enjoy and {hopefully} be inspired!

{ tangerine }

Would you like to see you favorite color featured on Color Love?
Send me an email with your suggestion!
thesweetestpetunia {at} gmail {dot} com


wishful nals said...

lovely! tangerine is a great color! happy friday. xo

Valerie said...

So fun!! Love the orange :)

bailey said...

SO cute!! I love the key fob and the coffee cozy. I see a lot of orange here in TN!

Brittany Ann said...

Cute! love your blog!

You know, I don't love orange, but I do love tangerine. It just makes me happier.

Moore Minutes said...

What a fun post! I love color too. That coffee cozy is the cutest thing ever!! I want one, lol

I have a tunkables giveaway going on right now and would LOVE for you to enter if you haven't already:

gina said...

tangerine is my summer color! lovvvvve it!
love that cozy, the button makes it! and of course, mix polka dots with tangerine and I'm a sucka for it- so love the key fob!