Thursday, July 29, 2010

{pink lemonade}

You've gotta admit: pink lemonade is just way better than plain-old yellow.
(at least that's what I always said when I was little say ...oh the psychological effect behind colors!)

Well, I actually have a favorite recipe for Pink Lemonade Cupcakes - couldn't be easier!
create these darling recipe cards here!

... use whatever your fave icing is - add in some lemon zest! (maybe even a few drops of red food color for a little, pink blush)

And! What I do ... is stick a drinking straw into each cupcake after I ice them. (use those straws with the bendy-ends ... you'll have to cut the straws to make them shorter) It looks so cute.

(I apologize that I don't have a photo - I need to take a pic the next time I make these!)

- Celeste


jaquelyn {mama thoughts} said...

Oh, do I LOVE pink lemonade! When the sweetheart + I went out to Chili's, we got Strawberry Lemonade - it was totally yum! I'll have to save this recipe and make it sometime. :)

Katie Lane said...

Humm... not sure about these. I like pink lemonade because you drink it, I might just have to find out what it takes like to eat it :)

hiyaluv said...

wow! i think this is great! Thanks. smiles, gina

Joyti said...

You know, studies show that pink is supposed to be the most soothing and calming color, actually :)