Monday, August 9, 2010

finally {home}

This summer, I've been all over the place.

Serving with a ministry in a staff position for two weeks.
Four days in Orlando for my friend's wedding.
Two weeks of family vacation in places like Ohio, West Virginia and Washington, DC.
Three weeks of ministry {teaching Bible clubs for kids} and house-sitting for my pastor's family.

This is the first day of "normal" life.
Of course, it's never truly normal...

The piano tuner is coming today, which totally threw off my plans.

I'm meeting a dear friend for coffee this afternoon before
he leaves for a year's internship in a far away state.
{excited for him, sad he's leaving...}

I have lots of planning, organizing and purging {etc.} to do in the next few weeks.

But compared to my crazy summer, that's pretty normal. :)

be sure to check back tomorrow for a giveaway!


Sandy a la Mode said...

welcome home! i've had quite the busy summer as well!! it's really nice to just be HOME, isn't it? can't wait for your giveaway!

Mandy England said...

welcome back, lovely lady! you were missed :]

[i think i'm addicted to color love. . . ]