Wednesday, August 18, 2010

{love} sewing

self made - 4x6 print

I'm not sure how I actually learned to sew.
I helped my grandma when I was younger, sewing buttons, cutting out patterns.
I didn't have a sewing machine of my own, so I did a lot of hand sewing.

As I got older, my family finally got a sewing machine.
{we're currently on our 3rd}
And I love to sew.

I won't say it's always easy.
In fact, just this past weekend,
I got very frustrated with a project
and just had to walk away from it.

I'm seriously considering opening a new Etsy shop by the end of the year,
specifically for sewn items. I'm not quite sure how it'll all work out,
but it's something I'd love to do.
What do you think?

Since I've had fabric on the brain, I'll just share some of my current fabric obsession:

{images via hawthorne threads}

I hope to post some photos of my own projects sometime next week, so "stay tuned"!
In the meantime...

Do you sew?
Have a current fabric obsession?
Please share!


Lisa said...

I CAN sew, but that doesn't mean I DO. I only do it out of necessity. I can sew buttons and patches, and made some curtains a while back:

The Bonjour Four said...

as a matter of fact i just signed up for the online sewing class- home ec.. im sure you've seen it. It has been all over blog land lately. I am SOOO excited to learn. I've never touched a sewing machine.. but I am getting one this Sunday from a friend and then I am gonna get busy learning! can't wait!!! And i totallly think you should open up a etsy shop. I have hopes to eventually do the same thing.

carlotta cisternas said...

I can sew...sorta. I can make pillows, sew on a button, etc. Simple stuff like that...

Bec said...

I have a fabric disease! I see cute fabric, I buy it. I think it is the quilter's curse :)