Monday, August 30, 2010

{the gift}

thank you to all of you who commented over the past week or so!
i read every. single. comment, and they mean SO much to me.
i'm working on visiting YOUR blogs this week...


I find that men {generally} are hard to shop for.
Mine is, at least. :)

I always seem to find something, but it's tough sometimes.
Usually a new tee/polo is a good choice.

When I found this browsing Etsy several months ago, I knew I wanted to get it for the sweetheart's birthday.

{I ordered the 8x10 print in Grass Green instead of Lime}

He really loves his chihuahuas. :)

And I threw in some shirts for good measure.

What is your go-to gift for the men in your life?


Mandy England said...

I agree, men are definitely way more difficult to shop for than women. And usually their wishlist is more expensive too :]

The print was a great choice!

The Bonjour Four said...

Good choice! Love all of those prints. One of my favorites is "keep calm and eat a cupcake" haha love it! Hope he had a great bday. :)

happy Monday!

And yes, most of the time I get my hubby shirts or iTunes giftcard.. Men are hard to shop for! And they say we are. Pshhh, yeah right.

Kim said...

my go to gifts for the hubs are:

alternative apparel or BDG shirts from urban outfitters
itunes giftcards
anything from patagonia

never fails! :)

Katie Lane said...

My men don't really care for gifts thank goodness :)