Friday, August 13, 2010

color love {favorite combinations}

There was no way I could decide on just one color this week...
so I'm sharing some of my current favorite {color combinations}!

{turquoise + red}

{yellow + grey + cream}

{bright + cheerful}

{pink + yellow}

What are your favorite color combinations?


I need your help!
I love color, and I absolutely adore sharing my {color love} inspiration with you.
sometimes I have a hard time figuring out which color I should build from!
Here's where you come in:
Please email me {or comment} with your color suggestions and a link to your blog.
If I use your suggestion, I'll link to you and give you credit for the inspiration - hurray!
Otherwise I'll just have to keep coming up with stuff on my own. :)


The Bonjour Four said...

I think turquoise and orange would look great together! Love that color combo!

Have a great weekend!

Mandy England said...

Yay! Color love is back :] And I'm so flattered that you included my necklace with these other lovelies!

I'm really loving the red/turquoise right now too!

Bec said...

I'm hooked on indigo and cerulean and yellow this summer. LOVE IT.

Celeste said...

turquoise + mustard
turquoise + gray
pink + navy
mustard + gray
turquoise + pink

(well... let's just say I pretty much love turquoise... with so many colors!)

hiyaluv said...

i love pink and gray or pink and brown...but love the colors u chose also.

Michelle said...

I so love the jewel tones... Purple - royal purple - with anything... silver, royal blue, white, bright yellow, etc. :)

Debbie said...

I love these. Especially the turquoise and red. Right now I am loving pear green and red.