Tuesday, April 12, 2011

my "creative process"

I snapped these photos yesterday while I was working...
just wanted to share a little of my "creative process" with you.

Often when I sew, I take the assembly line approach.
I get annoyed if I'm constantly cutting, then sewing, then ironing, etc.
So I'll generally get all my fabrics+zippers laid out,
and decide what style pouch/clutch I'll be making.

Yesterday I was working on a new design {to be shared soon!},
so I only cut+sewed one. You know, just to make sure it
would turn out the way it did in my head.

And now that I know it is a design I want to make,
I'll be cutting out lots of different pieces,
ironing interfacing,
sewing ruffles,

And {hopefully} new lovely things will be
making an appearance in the shop very soon!

Tell me, what does your creative process
look like from day to day?


I'm so enjoying the feedback from the reader's survey I posted yesterday.
If you haven't taken a minute to share, would you consider doing that?
Thanks so much!


kate @ be merry, kate said...

Oh you are smart! I just washed all of my fabric last night... I think I will be ironing ALL of it at one time tonight. And since I'm making two of the same things, I will take advice from you and do them in an assembly line!

Other than that... I have no creative process. I have very little processes at all... I'm a bit scatterbrained honestly!


ilene @ muchloveilly said...

cute! i love seeing behind the scenes pics :)

Anonymous said...

i always go the assembly line route. i feel like i can make 1 item in 3-4 hours if i do it step by step, but if i go the assembly line route, i can make 4-5 items in 6 hrs. does that make sense? what i'm trying to say is its WAY faster for me. i get less distracted if i do one task at a time.

Heather @ Glitter and Gloss said...

love those pretty zippers!