Wednesday, October 26, 2011

{things I'm loving...}

Just a few things I'm loving these days...

...I love being married to this guy.
He's awesome, and awfully cute. ;)

...homemade smoothies.
We've made a lot of these in our 2 1/2 weeks of marriage.

...inspired by Caroline,
a sweet scarf with a cute flower!

...if you've never listened to this song, you should.
It's amazingly beautiful, and my current favorite.
{Dell'Amore Non Si Sa, Hayley Westenra & Andrea Bocelli}'s been so long since I've worked on a crocheting project.
I started this one yesterday, and I definitely missed crocheting!

...and finally, I love coffee.
I love pumpkin spice creamer.
And that's my new favorite mug. :)

What are you loving today?



Chrissy said...

Love your mug, Mrs.!!
Are you making a blanket? Love crochet! And pumpkin spice...mmh!!!

Nancy said...

What a cute mug and a cute couple. Sweet. :)

Mandy Estes said...

I like your scarf! Did you make it?

the pleated poppy said...

very cute flower on that scarf ;)