Wednesday, January 11, 2012

lists + focus

I am very easily distracted.
There's so much to see & do & think & read & write & craft & sew!
{see what I mean? lots of distractions}
Sometimes, I just have to sit down & make myself a list.
I think it helps because I can see my goal, have boxes to check.

Are the lists always exciting? Nope.
You can see a little of my list from yesterday, and it's pretty mundane stuff
like dishes, laundry, putting away all the Christmas stuff, vacuuming.
Do I always get everything checked off my list? No.
But that's okay. I just keep working on it until I'm done.

I love my lists. They keep me focused & on track. :)
{and yes, I'm silly, and I'm okay with that. wink, wink.}

these lists are free for you to print!

linking up with Krystina today, because I love lists. ;)


Kelly said...

lists are a part of life I have learned. :)

The Olive Tree Blog said...

I am a huge little maker!! I need them...or would forget almost :)

Alyson @Vintage Sunshine said...

I happen to think that lists are totally exciting! SEriously, I'm a list nut. I can NOT function w/out one and find that I get SO much done when working off of one!

Erin James said...

just found your beautiful blog! now following :)

what a good idea.. i get easily distracted too. gonna keep writing my little lists!

God bless!


kaylee@life chasers said...

I am a list for real.