Wednesday, January 25, 2012

something to say.

I have to confess...

I love blogging. I really, really do.
But with the blog world, it becomes easy for me to compare.
To become discontent with who I am.
With my life, my shop, my clothes, etc.

But, there are a few things I'm sure of.

No one in this world can be a better me.

Even if I don't blog about the "right" trends,
the latest DIY projects,
don't have the cutest clothes out there,
am not a great photographer.
I get discouraged & distracted,
and I waste more time than I care to admit.

There's so much I'm not,
but there's also so much that I am.

I am a child of the Most High.
His love & grace carry me through
everything I do, even the failures.

I am married to the sweetest husband.
I am a wife, and I make that a priority,
even if it means that I spend most of my day
doing dishes & laundry.

I am a lover of color, of creativity,
of good coffee and good books.
I stitch & snip & take out stitches
when I get it wrong.
I love music & song & melody.

I'm silly & kinda strange.
Unique & curious.
Shy & insecure.

I am just me.
& I'm thankful that I'm me.


Thank you for taking the time to read this.
It's something that's been on my heart to share.

Also, just so you know,
I'm trying to make it okay if I don't blog every single day.
I don't want my blog to get in the way of living life.
I will definitely still be posting, but if I feel like I have nothing to say,
I'm choosing to be okay with that. ;)

Have a lovely day!


Elisabeth said...

I really love this post! Thank you for being true to what your heart is feeling. Its so easy in everything to compare yourself to others. I think its hardest not to worry about it, and be happy with who He made you.
GREAT post! Keep being real, and the you who He made you to be. :)

Love you!

Rose said...

When other blogs stop inspiring you and start...umm..whatever the opposite of inspiring you is...that's a good time to step back and take pleasure in all the things that make you uniquely you!

Sarah B. said...

I struggle with this too! Especially the pressure to blog every day. Thanks for sharing your heart :)

The Bonjour Four said...

loved this post. i totally agree with you. i used to have to post every day or it drove me crazy... but then i hit a point where i realized it was taking over my life! and that's not a good thing. i love my blog, but i blog when i can. and when i can't.. i don't worry. and if i lose readers and comments... that's okay. i don't blog for that. anyway, didn't mean to be a blabber mouth but this post really hit home with me. embrace who God created you to be! you're a beautiful person inside and out!

~Kelly~ said...

Loving your attitude! I found your blog via Life Made Lovely... now I'm off to peek around your site. ~Enjoy your weekend!

Jessica said...

Love this post - sometimes we just have to get the words out there. Don't suffer from comparison-itis, it's not worth the strain :) you are a lovely person and I am inspired by your creativity and kindness!