Friday, March 9, 2012

stuff from this week.

holding hands with my love on the way to church on Sunday

got to take a trip to my favorite Jo-Ann's
{we now live an hour away from where we grew up,
and this Jo-Ann's is much better then the one
that's closer to us - love this store!}

i have a perfectly good sewing space upstairs,
but i still set up my machine on a dining room chair in the living room this week. ;)

i've really been enjoying my quilting class!
still working on the "homework" for the week, cutting & piecing blocks.

& yet another project i'm crocheting...

i always try to eat breakfast, because otherwise
i starve waiting for my husband to come home for lunch!
this was a super yummy breakfast, peanut butter toast, apple slice & coffee.

i have a major crush on Fred Astaire.
if you've never listened to his music or seen him dance, you're missing out.

look at these pretty new yoyo hair pins!
they will hopefully be up in the shop soon.

my husband is so silly. and strange. i love him anyway. ;)

working/blogging from Starbucks today!

I hope your week was a great one,
and have a wonderful weekend!


Jessica said...

I love goofy husbands! Probably because mine is one too :)

Kelly said...

hahaha must be pretty hot, though I am not really sure what a hyena's armpit temp is at.

Rose said...

and on cue I will go buy starbucks...

Katie said...

i love all the projects you are doing! i got a sewing machine a few months ago and love it! i use it all the time!

Deidre said...

I love Fred Astaire - he is amazing. One of my favourites is "A fine romance"