Thursday, March 29, 2012

10 things.

my sister stayed with us Sunday-Wednesday,
and it was a nice little break from the normal routine.
We went walking, watched the first season of Downton Abbey,
traced/cut lots of circle for new bloom brooches,
did some sewing {I finished my quilt, she sewed a skirt},
played games, and more. :)

We're having a few of the mister's coworkers over for dinner tonight,
and I'm going to try this no-bake nutella cheesecake recipe for dessert.
It sounds amazing, so hopefully it will turn out!

I finished the last Hunger Games book yesterday.
I have very mixed feelings.
Mockingjay was not a winner for me.

International Delight's Cinnabon creamer is pretty yummy!

I really appreciate all the comments left here on the blog lately.
I haven't had the time to respond to most of them,
but know that I appreciate you!

There are not one, but TWO alligators in the small lake behind our building.
Pretty cool & kinda creepy all at the same time. ;)

I finished my very first quilt!
I promise to post more about it once I get some good photos...
It turned out beautifully & I'm in love with it.
{if you follow me on Instagram, you've already had a peek at it!}

I have so much prep work & sewing to do for this craft fair.
I'm excited, I just have to stay focused on getting things finished.
Not always my strongest suit.

I feel like I need to schedule a "reading time" for myself during the day,
so I can actually finish all these books I have waiting for me.
Saying that makes me feel like I'm in kindergarten. ;)

It's time for me to close the computer & start other things...
I'm planning on going for a walk & then tackling my cleaning list.
Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday!


Hannah said...

I totally know what you mean about Mockinjay. BUT I will say it's grown on me a little the longer it's been since I finished it. I think I just started forgetting the things I didn't like. Hope the same happens for you!

Sarah with a Bow said...

I did have a wonderful Thursday, thank you. I hope you got all of your things done. (:

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