Monday, December 28, 2009

A {Blessed} Christmas

I can hardly believe that Christmas is over.
The presents unwrapped, the food eaten, the family visited, and even a birthday celebrated.

{Gee, that makes it all sound pretty depressing!}

But I'm not depressed about it. I had one of the lovliest Christmases I can remember!

The birthday celebrated just happened to be my own (any guesses on how old I am?), and it was fabulous. So many people blessed me with gifts, and my sweetheart came over for dinner, and it was so fun. =)

The only downside is the fact that I'm battling a nasty cold, which does tend to put a damper on things. I'm hoping for speedy recovery!

This week promises to be a busy one. I may not be around much, but after the New Year, blogging should resume as normal.

So tell me: How was your Christmas? Really, I'd love to hear about it!


Debbie said...

My Christmas was delightful!
I'm so sorry you are sick. I hope you are feeling well very soon.

Meg said...

My Christmas was wonderful, we are actually still celebrating. We are getting ready to head out the door to my in-laws house for Christmas with them and then next weekend we are having Christmas with my father and step-mother. The kids love dragging it out, more presents they say! It was my little girls first one and she got a very white Christmas here in Missouri! Have a happy and safe New Year!

Jenny said...

Hope you're feeling better. What a beautiful, happy blog!

Moore Minutes said...

Happy SWEET Birthday! Our Christmas was a very special day. <3 I just saw your Holiday Home Tour post and left a's taking me forever to see all my dear blog friend's Christmas homes but I enjoyed seeing your decor! :)

Mandy Hornbuckle said...

Are you 18?

I have a nasty cold too. Boooo. Hope you feel better soon.

emily hope said...

okay, I'm guessing 23 :)

and I have a Christmas-ish birthday too! isn't it lovely - kinda?

Lucy Marie said...

My Christmas was wonderful. Happy Birthday to you! I'm going to guess that you turned 19.

Lucy Marie said...

My Christmas was wonderful. Happy Birthday to you! I'm going to guess that you turned 19.

Unknown said...

hi jacky! thanks for visiting yesterday.

your blog is beautiful! my Christmas? totally amazing. being blessed with 2 babies this year has been surreal. i'm so happy we were all together for Christmas. =)

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