Sunday, December 13, 2009

{Sunday Chat}

Does anyone else just feel very tired on Sunday afternoons? Maybe it's just me.

{conversation between me and my sweetheart today}
Him: Are you doing anything exciting today?
Me: Well...I was kind of thinking about taking a nap.
Him: And that's exciting?

Hey, to me, extra sleep is always exciting.


I finally pulled out our Christmas decorations on Friday night, mainly because we were having company over. Gotta look nice, right? We got our tree last night, too (more on that another time). Sooo, if I can pull myself together enough to take pictures this afternoon, I will be participating in The Nester's Christmas Tour tomorrow:

I can just feel the excitement. =)


Oh yes, I do have one more little piece of info for today.

Who is the lucky {Gussy Giveaway} winner??

Well, has spoken, and #36 is the winner...

Lisa, please go ahead and shoot me an email {thesweetestpetunia AT gmail DOT com} so I can put you in touch with Maggie! But be quick, if you don't email me within 3 days (by Wednesday morning) I'll have to choose a new winner. And I'd really hate to do that to you.


Okay, now I need to go practice my photography lack of skills so I can join in on that Chrismas Tour...

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Maggi said...

Congrats Lisa! Have fun getting the decor ready, I've got to get my house in order for my White Christmas party on Tuesday! lol