Friday, December 18, 2009

{One Week}

Christmas is one week away.


Are you ready?

I'm ready. Christmas is so exciting to me. It always has been, and hopefully it always will be! I love the {slight, so far} change in the weather, decorating the house, picking out a tree, drinking hot chocolate with a candy cane stirred in, buying gifts for those I love, wrapping the gifts up all nice and pretty, listening to Christmas music, going to parties...

It's just so fun. =)

This week will probably be a busy one, but I don't mind. Sometimes I just enjoy being busy, even if it makes me tired. But if you're getting worn out from the holiday season, I suggest you take some time for yourself and make some of this:

And then you can send some to me. And to Lindsay. We would love you forever. =)


Lindsay - Pen and Paint said...

Yes please! I will be one happy mama.

Maggi said...

That recipe looks delicious and so perfect for a last minute gift!

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