Thursday, March 25, 2010

{catching up}

First of all, many thanks to everyone who recommended a camera!
I think I may go with a point + shoot for now, but I have to have one that takes decent pictures.
I'll have to do some more looking, and I'll definitely look for some of the suggestions.


These next couple days are going to be very busy for me. So I may not be around much. But I have a {color love} post scheduled for tomorrow, and trust me, it's pretty. You'll want to see it. :)


For now, I'm going to go make myself some coffee.
And then I get to do a bunch of cleaning.
Figure out exactly what I'm doing for the classes I'll teach tomorrow.
Go to a piano lesson.
Run errands.


Sometimes it would definitely be nice to have a little extra help.



gina said...

yeah! i love those color love posts of yours!!

Bec said...

I just found your blog and making the decision to go from point and shoot to DSLR was a long thought out one. I got the Nikon D40 and love it. It has been a pretty easy transition. I think the D3000 is the newest entry level camera. You can check out pics on my blog to see how it handles :)