Thursday, March 18, 2010

{good morning}

This week has been rough.
And in all honesty...
Not without it's share of pain, sadness and tears.

But this morning I am happy.

I have the house to myself, an {extremely} rare occurence.
I'm sipping coffee from an aqua mug, and it's putting a smile on my face.
I'm letting myself be soothed by beautiful piano music.

Yes, soon life will return to the daily grind, including chores, errands, and a full house.
But for now I will enjoy the solitude.

Because if I want to be happy, I need to choose to be happy.

Here's to a good morning...


gina said...

Good Morning Jacky.

The sun is SHINING here and it promises to hit 69 degrees out. I am happy today too.

Mandi@TidbitsfromtheTremaynes said...

Yay for happiness. I hope it lasts through the weekend. I'm sorry you had a tough week.


Manda said...

Well, let me first tell you... I missed ya!
That's right, came everyday to see what little detail you were going to share.
Soooo, let me say this "I'm happy too, and glad to see you are also".
I'm sorry it was a rough week... if you need a virtual shoulder, a fresh cup of joe, or anything at all - I'm here.
Much Love & Sweet Solitude,

ClassiclyAmber said...

I'm sorry for the rough week you've experienced, but KUDOS to YOU for choosing happiness over it all! That is THE best attitude ya could have~! Enjoy your day!! =-D

Yanick said...

I'm sorry for the rough week! Its life and rough patches happen, but what you do with the rough patch is what breaks your or MAKES YOU!

FYI: I gave you a shot out on my blog today. I think you are great!