Monday, April 5, 2010

{blessed day}

Yesterday was a beautiful day.

The weather was gorgeous.
I found a dress {in my closet} that I liked wearing.
I baked berry muffins for Easter breakfast at church.
My parents gave me a pretty Liberty of London scarf.

And I drank coffee with lots of creamer.

We had a lot of visitors at church {which cheered up our pastor}.
My dad {the music leader} broke a string on his guitar. And we made it through anyway.
Two of my dear friends were home from college.

I ate lunch with my family {and it was SO good!}.
Then I went to be with my sweetheart and his family.
We played Words with Friends together. :)
Went for a walk in the lovely weather and had a good time just being.

Now, life returns to the daily grind.
Spring Break is over {sadly}, but it is my little sister's 17th birthday today, so we're still celebrating.

And "the daily grind" is not necessarily a bad thing.
I just may need some more coffee to get through it. :)

I hope you had a beautiful day, too. Please feel free to tell me about it!


Unknown said...

Awww, that sounds like a lovely weekend! We had pleasant family time as well (and I got a sunburn from going to the pool Saturday - boo!)

Manda said...

I woke to coffee on my nightstand... my hubby pours my coffee everyday and brings it to me (wherever I may be at that time).
We had a easter egg hunt with our little beauties.
Snuck in a little chocolate at breakfast.
Went to church and worshipped our Saviour and King.
10km run with a friend in the afternoon.
Showered, again.
Returned home to bake a cake and start cooking supper.
Enjoyed a meal with family and friends around a table of laughter, gratitude, and love.
Finished the evening with dessert and a movie.
Lovely times!

gina said...

Sounds like a fabulous day!

We spent the time relaxing as a family. Very low key- the youngest two never even got out of their jammies. It was much needed.