Tuesday, April 13, 2010

{new blog things}

I have been so busy here lately.
Sometimes I feel like all I do on the computer is answer emails!
But I'm trying to finish all of that up so I can spend more time blogging. :)

That being said, there are a few new things on the blog that you might want to know about.

If you look up at the top, right under the header, you'll see that I've added pages :: simple things like About Me, Blogs I Like, etc. There's even a page where you can find links to all of the {color love} posts. So if you get bored, that's where you should browse {and there are some great blogs to be found under Blogs I Like}.

In other news, I have giveaways scheduled every week for at least the next 3 weeks - yikes! It's going to be fun, I promise. They are all giveaways that I would personally love to win. :)

So, hopefully I can corral my inbox and resume normal blogging soon!
Thanks for sticking with me on this crazy ride called {life}.

While you're here, be sure to enter the s.d.g. giveaway!


Lisa said...

i think your blog is so cute! well done :)

crush. blog said...

love the tabs - a convinient feature!

Jeannett said...

you need a button! :)