Wednesday, April 21, 2010

{to do list}

-drink water!
-laugh at yourself
-sew something
-"tinkle the ivories"
-cook + bake
-hug me :)
-write it down
-coffee break
-take a picture
-make memories
-say "I Love You"

What would your list say?


Leigh said...

my list would say... don't take everything so personally, take time to breathe, say i love you, smile...


Manda said...

-eat chocolate
-sing even if you can't
-say "I love you"
- dance
- be thankful
- lace up
- focus on the good
- soak in the bath
- read a good book
- slow down

Alissa said...

Very cute, but tinkle the ivories?

Jessica said...

My list would say:
God has a plan for you, just let it happen :)
Love your husband
Be patient
Spend more time with your family
I would also tinkle the ivories! I don't play enough!

And yes, you MUST watch gLee :) you will love it!

crush. blog said...

laugh often.

love with abandon.

hug the kids more.

smile at strangers.

hold the door.

bake a cake.

kiss your husband.

skip rocks.

dance in the rain.

plant a tree.

color your life.