Thursday, June 10, 2010

{summer blogging announcement}

As I've mentioned, I will be very busy this summer.
Which means that my time online will be either extremely limited or nonexistent.

I really didn't just want to leave The Sweetest Petunia empty all summer long.
I also know that I could never schedule enough posts on my own.

Which brings me to my {summer blogging announcement}.


For those of you who don't know Celeste, she can be found blogging at Etsy It Up!
I discovered her blog quite awhile ago, and of course, I loved the giveaways.
Then I started following her on Twitter.
And now we are friends. :)

No, we've never met in real life.
But we're about the same {very young in the world of blogging} age, have younger sisters, like a lot of the same things, and have even caught ourselves doing the exact same thing at the exact same time {specifically eating brownies and reading the same post at Joy's Hope}. But I think she might be cooler than me. ;)

So I emailed Celeste in the desperate hope that she would agree to "take over" The Sweetest Petunia for me during the summer. And she said she would!

Yes, while I'm gone for about 8 weeks, she will carry on the blogging for me.
I think you readers will like her a lot.
Oh, and don't worry - the spirit and idea of The Sweetest Petunia will be kept alive and well, I'm sure.

This is my last post for awhile.
I might try to pop in when I can. :)

Celeste, thank you so, SO much for doing this.
Please be sure to leave her plenty of comment love! 


Celeste said...

I'm so excited!! But, really - Jacky - I am not cooler than you. LOL!

Mandy England said...

Yay for Celeste! :] But we're going to miss you while you're away. . .

Will there be color love over the summer? [a serious highlight of my week!]

Erin Burns said...

Oh Bittersweet! Excited to get to know Celeste...but YOU, my dear will be missed. Have a blessed 8 weeks!

And yes...Color Love please. I crave it!

hiyaluv said...

Welcome Celeste! Jacky, you will be missed but I am sure that you have left us in fantastic hands!!

Sandy a la Mode said...

awww celeste is sooo sweet to do that, can't wait for her posts! btw, i have added this blog to my blogroll, woohoo!! enjoy your summer jackie!! keep us updated on twitter on your status! =)

Sarah said...

It's so fun to find other new bloggers! I just,just turned 21*gasp* and love mommy blogs(and Joy's Hope!)but bloggers my age are great too! :)

Yanick said...

Enjoy your vacation Jacky! You'll be missed

Unknown said...

Yay just discovered this blog through Celeste