Monday, June 7, 2010

{what's up?}

If I actually used my daily planner* this week, it would look something like this...

monday: babysitting, organizing, David's Bridal
tuesday: sewing, friend for dinner
wednesday: church, spending time with the sweetheart
thursday: haircut {yay!}, cleaning
friday: babysitting, friend's graduation
saturday: shopping, laundry, packing

*I don't use my daily planner because I forget - I remember what I'm supposed to be doing but I forget to write it down!

Next Sunday, I will be leaving for 2 weeks to be involved in a ministry I've worked with for years.
After that, my friend is getting married.
Then family vacation for 10 days.
And then more work with the ministry.

I will be a busy, busy bee this week trying to get everything ready!

Honestly, I'm excited.
I just hope I don't fall over from exhaustion at the end of the summer. :)

You may think the blog will look a little empty during the summer, but don't worry.
I have a plan, and you'll find out about it on Thursday.
{I'm super excited about it, too!}

So, do tell...
What are your plans for the summer?


Jessica said...

I'm planning on spending massive amounts of time at the beach and I'm visiting my mom in Myrtle Beach June 18-24!

hiyaluv said...

My brothers graduate from college this weekend so I am going home to Ohio for the weekend. I am going to Boston for a work conference at the end of the month and hopefully will get to go away for a weekend in July with Dave. Other than that I will be working. August is crazy for me. In fact I should probably start pre-posting for all of August now because I will literally work from 8am-12am every day with no break-not even a weekend off because we will be training student staff to prepare for the academic year. (I am a counselor at a university and work in the dorms.) So August gets hairy...sorry you asked what my summer plans were. haha. actually fall is my favorite time of the year. :)


Jessica said...

Cute calendar! Hopefully my plans include moving or getting ready to move . . .

Definitely Disneyland!