Monday, March 28, 2011

monday stuff

{1} Monday. Does anyone else have a hard time
getting started on Monday mornings?
Coffee required.

{2} I really should learn to type with one hand.
Then I could hold onto my coffee cup AND type. :)

{3} If you want to know a little more about my personality
and how my brain works, read this. I'm an ISTJ.
{it's crazy, how well it describes me!}

{4} In other news, there are new blooms in the shop!
I think the lemon drop bloom is my favorite right now.
So bright and pretty!

{5} The wedding planning is going quite well, I think.
The things that needed to be done are done.
I'm planning the rest in my head for now. :)

{6} We're getting married in less than 27 weeks!

{7} Pretty please, leave some love for the sweet ladies
who are offering giveaways here this week?

{8} Random posts like this are kind of fun!
Except I have to get to #10, or it bothers me.
{I know, I'm weird.}

{9} I was planning on going for a walk
with my sister this morning.
It just started raining.

{10} Things to do, things to do!
I'll end here at #10, so the day can get started.
Have a wonderful, fabulous Monday!


Unknown said...

Love that photo! SO pretty!!

Chrissy said...

Beautiful embroidery art!
And, yes, Monday mornings are killer!!! haha
Have a fab day!

Nicole said...

Those who don't need coffee in the morning are either under 13 or CRAZY! :) Don't worry about it bugging you if you didn't make 10 things on the list. I'm obsessed with even numbers. My alarm is always set at _:02 or some derivative!