Friday, March 18, 2011

{project: simplify} hot spot #2

This week's hot spot in the Project: Simplify challenge was...

I'm really bad about keeping papers.
I wonder if I might ever need it.
If I throw this out, will I end up wishing I hadn't?

So, I tackled my desk, the main area of my paper clutter:

Every piece of paper that had no purpose went in the trash.
Receipts and such that I need are stashed in a drawer instead of in the little cubes {hidden, not so much clutter!}.
And now my desk is organized with what I need, easily accessible.

hot spot #2 - done!


kate @ be merry, kate said...

Well done! I'm still trying to figure this one out... most of the paper clutter is in J's office, so I don't really deal with it! But I have my own little piles that I must go through.


Gina Thomas said...

you did such a great job! because of you, i am getting off my caboose and going to go clean up something...anything! you just motivated me:)

thechattymommy said...

Very nice!!!
Can you come over and do mine next?

Mandy Estes said...

I need to do this to just about every room in my house! My problem is drawers...none of them are organized. I use them as a place to hold anything and everything that is cluttering the room. It's fast and easy to just toss in a drawer! I need to break myself of this habit.