Monday, April 16, 2012

last week.

I was definitely planning on joining in on InstaFriday,
but it just didn't happen; I was hanging out with my fabulous sister-in-law instead. ;)
So here's a few pieces of life from last week...


my mister took me to see The Hunger Games on Monday night!
I enjoyed it, even though I'm not as crazy about the series as some people I know.
I appreciated that they didn't make the violence too gory...that's really not my thing.

I spent a lot of Tuesday afternoon watching the 2nd season of Downton Abbey
and working on a special order for my cousin's prom {I'll share more about that soon!}
I only have a few Downton Abbey episodes left, but I don't want it to end!

I guess wearing "matching" shirts could be considered cheesy,
but I kinda loved it. ;) I really do adore my husband!

I've been riding my new bike down to a park near us,
and there's a HUGE lake. It's really pretty, so I had to stop to take a picture.

On Thursday, my mother & sisters-in-law came over for a Girl's Night In.
We watched The Help, sipped coffee & ate some yummy brownies!
One sister-in-law spent the night with me, and we stayed up late playing Scrabble.
It's one of my favorite games, and I ended up winning!

one of my favorite places to be on a Friday night;
snuggled up on the couch, holding my man's hand.

I've been working on these headbands for a looong time,
building up my inventory for the craft fair in May.
This batch is almost done...

We spent the day on Saturday with our family,
and we got to meet our newest niece...
She is unbelievably precious!

We got home late on Saturday night,
so our Sunday was divided between the pool, a yummy lunch of leftovers,
lots of sewing for me and finishing taxes for the mister...
and now it's Monday morning, the start of a new week with so much to do.

Hope all of you had a wonderful weekend!


meet.make.laugh. said...

Sounds like a busy week! Love the matching shirts. :) Also love ladies nights in.... in fact we blog about them often.

Enjoy your week!

Kelsey said...

I totally love those shirts! :)

Tea Journal said...

Downton Abbey is on DVD...oh man, I need to get me those! Lovely photos! Your niece is precious.

The Bonjour Four said...

i've been curious about downtown abbey... hmm maybe i should start it. absolutely love you and your hubby's shirts. adorable! can't wait to see your headbands! they look super cute!!!

LittleGreenThread said...

I love that you have such a good relationship with your in-laws. That's something I always wanted, but sadly, it's not that way for us. I hope you realize what a special thing that is. I'm sure you do :)