Thursday, April 26, 2012

shop update.

hello, everyone!
you may have noticed that I haven't mentioned the shop lately...
well, that's because it's been a little neglected lately.

with the craft fair coming up, I've been hard at work
building my inventory, which hasn't left me much time/energy
to make extra things to list in the shop.

however, there are still some great things available!

seriously, these accessories are perfectly adorable for Spring. :)
you can use the code HELLO10 for 10% off your purchase,
and I'll include a special extra something with each
order placed before Monday morning.

so, please check out the shop!
I'd love to send you a pretty package. ;)


Chelle said...

New follower!!

Love your shop items :)

The Bonjour Four said...

i just adore those yoyo hairpins! i'm gonna have to get myself a pair SOON! love the light grey!