Friday, May 4, 2012

thoughts & Truth.

I read this passage this week from Lies Women Believe
{by Nancy Leigh DeMoss}, and I just had to share:

"His Word is Truth, and if I am to defeat the stronghold of Satan's lies in my life,
I need to saturate my life with God's Word. I cannot make it without consistent time
exposing my mind and heart to the Truth of God's Word."

It spoke to my heart, really.
There are some issues that I struggle with,
some places in my soul where Truth should dwell.
Some lies that I have been believing.
I am so thankful that His Truth sets me free.

{if you've never read Lies Women Believe,
I would highly, highly recommend it.}

happy weekend, friends.


Kelly said...

that mug is awesome!

Marina said...

Is that your mug?? I love it.. Fly!