Friday, July 13, 2012

{color love} Dinner at Downton

hey, everyone! I've got something fun to share with you today...
a couple weeks ago, Megan tweeted about a secret project involving Downton Abbey,
which happens to be one of my favorite shows; I was definitely on board!

Megan is here to share some info for you guys,
and I made some color inspiration "boards" of my own to go with her words.

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Hi, I'm Megan from Flawed Perfection Jewelry. I design sterling silver and gemstone, pearl, and/or Swarovski crystal jewelry. I'm so happy to be on here today to share a really fun line! Welcome to...

Dinner at Downton Banner

I've come up with 7 colorways inspired by the characters and activities of the beloved BBC/PBS series. Each colorway is comprised of 3 colors of Swarovski Crystals. Even if you haven't watched yet (first off, why haven't you?!), I hope you enjoy these fun color combos!
Let's meet two of them, the intense Mary and the fun and colorful Sybil:

I was inspired by Lady Mary's dark red Christmas dress,
as well as the other red outfits she has worn in seasons 1 and 2.
This colorway is just like Mary--passionate and love-inspired.

{I ordered this necklace & I looove it! It's so pretty!}

Lady Sybil's colorway has the most obvious inspiration.
Her "surprise" pants look was the perfect inspiration,
as it shows her spunky spirit and fun personality.
This colorway also seems modern,
just like Sybil's forward-thinking ideas for the time.
These colors fit perfectly with her bold personality.

I hope that these colorways capture a bit of the colorful fashion of Downton Abbey!
My favorite thing about these colorways is that they are a subtle nod to Downton without being dated.
As beautiful as vintage jewelry is, a chic, modern piece of jewelry in a special colorway can be fabulous too.

 I'm also offering FREE shipping on your Dinner at Downton order for the next week.
Just use code DOWNTON at checkout.
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So, what's your favorite thing about Downton Abbey? Are you as obsessed as I am?

Thanks for having me today! Remember to stop by my blog for a full explanation of all 7 colorways.

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Don't you just love these pretty color combinations?!
Be sure to check out the other 5 combos, they're fabulous, too.
And, of course, now I want to watch Downton Abbey all over again! ;)

Just for fun? I took this little quiz, and apparently I'm most like Mr. Bates... so funny!


Em {Emerging Em} said...

Haha, I just took the quiz! Apparently I'm Lady Mary and yearn for excitement and glamour! Don't know how much of that there's going to be in my life, haha!

Beth @ The Goad Abode said...

I took the quiz and I'm Mr Bates too :) I love this new line of jewelry, so fun!

The Olive Tree Blog said...

I have heard so much about this show! Maybe I need to check it out ? :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jaquelyn! I never post on your blog, but I just had to! I love, love, LOVE this jewelry! =D Plus! I had to tell you that I am Mr. Bates too =D Jessica

Megan said...

Love this jewelry and the vintage inspiration :)