Wednesday, July 18, 2012

five favorites {iPhone apps}

I wanted to start a new little series called {five favorites},
where I share five favorite things based on a theme,
like music, movies, hair products, etc.
Today I'm going to share some of my favorite apps,
which started as less than five & turned into seven...
but I'm just going to go with it. ;)

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Instagram >> this is probably my all time favorite app.
it's one of the first things I downloaded when I got my iPhone,
and I just really enjoy it. love taking pictures & making them look
better with filters, even if it distorts the color a little. ;)
plus, I love my Instagram community!
I feel like I can connect better on Instagram than on Twitter.

Chrome >> I think my favorite thing about Chrome on my phone
is that I can sign in and have access to my desktop history/bookmarks
right from my phone! makes it so much easier when I just want to look
something up quickly... before I would just google it until I found the right link.
plus, I'm not limited to just 8 tabs, which never seemed to be enough!

MyFitnessPal >> I'll be honest, this is more like the app I love to hate.
I like that it's super easy to keep track of calories, but I hate counting calories.
my current goal is to be better about portion control & such,
so I'm trying to stick with it, but I refuse to become a slave to MyFitnessPal.
It is a good resource, though; rarely is there a food that I can't find in the database.

MapMyRUN >> before I had my phone, I would just try to guess how far
I'd walked/ran/rode... this app makes it super easy!
even though I only have the running version right now,
you can track anything from it (biking, running, even dog walking).
it even talks to me now, telling me how many miles I've gone + my pace,
which is perfect for when I ride my bike & can't see my phone.

YouVersion >> this Bible app is my favorite mainly because of the
reading plans in the app (I don't really read the Bible on my phone,
because I like to have the physical book in my hands,
highlighting + making notes), and because it's easy to look up different
versions of the verses I'm reading, just to get a different perspective.

Pandora >> I don't really have a lot of music on my phone,
and Pandora is my go-to. It's free, I can make different stations
depending on what I want to listen to
(my Sarah Brightman & Andrea Bocelli station is a favorite),
and even though I don't have complete control over the music played,
I just switch stations if they play a lot of songs I don't like.

Buy Me a Pie >> I've tried a lot of different list apps, but
this is the only one that I've used for any length of time.
it's simple, & my husband & I can both access it from our separate phones.
I use this app during the week whenever a need pops into my head
(otherwise I forget), but I still sit down & make a paper grocery list
before I go shopping, because I can organize it the way my mind works. :)

What are your five favorite apps?
I'm always interested in new ones!

linking up with Krystina for What I Love Wednesday.

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I just realized that I never
picked a winner for the
Amy P. was the randomly
chosen lady, and I've already
sent you an email. :)


Sarah B. said...

I need to get an iPhone just for instagram!!! I am so behind the times, haha ;)

Alyson @Vintage Sunshine said...

Love this! Will you be doing a linky for it in the future? Just talked to the hubs and we're totally downloading buy me a pie. That sounds fantastic. You know I love instagram.. it's better than facebook now days. Guess I still need to download chrome. I miss it when I've on my phone!

Beth @ The Goad Abode said...

great resources! I wish I had an iPhone. At least with IG going to Android, I can use it :) and I can use several other apps on my's just not as convenient at times :) I use to be faithful about LoseIt, but I stopped...

Unknown said...

love IG and i also find that the community on there is much better than twitter.
have a happy day friend!

iPhone 4s Case said...

it was awesome!! Love this!

Julie said...

Fantastic list! My five favorite apps would have to be Instagram, Chase, Dish Remote Access, Cinemagram and Pandora. I travel a lot for my job at Dish, so really anything that provides me with entertainment is a plus in my book! Pandora and Dish Remote Access are the two that do it best when I’m sitting around in an airport or something. Even though I have tons of music on my phone, its nice to sometimes switch it up a bit with Pandora, and then even use DRA to watch all of my favorite shows live or right off of my DVR at home.

Anonymous said...

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