Monday, July 23, 2012

Five Sixteenths + a giveaway!

happy Monday! I have another fun little feature & giveaway for you today...
read on to learn more about Moe of Five Sixteenths blog + shop!

I am a recent grad (class of 2011) who is living the post graduate dream by moving out of her parent's house & in with her best friend.  I've been out in the real world for a year & have grown so much!  I run a little blog called Five Sixteenths & have an esty shop by the same name!  Five Sixteenths blog is a place where I share posts on living a creative life, DIY's, blogging tips + tricks, helpful photo apps, my BFA in ceramics, and musings of a 20 something.  Often, my Yankee boyfriend (Zach) will make an appearance.

The Five Sixteenths shop is a place of trendy & affordable pottery, accessories, & blog design. Each piece of jewelry or pottery is One of a Kind & even the premade blog designs can be customized to fit your theme, colors, etc!  I also dabble in fully custom blog designs & have my design queue open!  I've been working on living my creative self-employed dream for a while now & can't wait to get

what are 3 words that describe you?
I'd choose Happy, Dedicated, & Creative.  I am a fun loving person who laughs way too much, am too stubborn to let things get in my way, & love that I can crack open any craft supply and have at it!

where do you find inspiration for the lovelies in your shop?
Since I have a load of different things in the shop different things inspire me.  But an overarching inspiration is nostalgia.  I love making things that remind me of being a kid, of a certain memory, or look like a certain era.  For example, my blog design Market Bag was inspired by when we'd go strawberry picking when we were little.  A lot of my jewelry is inspired by memories of summers by the lake: very natural & earthy.  My formal artist statement deals a lot with nostalgia & how we are more alike than we are different.  I love discovering shared experiences.

what is your favorite item in the shop right now?
Oh, wow! I don't really know what my favorite item is. hmmm...I think the Purple Marbled Beaded Necklace is my favorite.  It reminds me of being at the lake during the summer.  The beads remind me of swirled sand & my favorite color is purple!  It's a pretty classy piece but still reflects nature.  As a person who works a 9-5 job as well, its important to me that pieces reflect my tendency towards earthy elements but are still sophisticated enough to wear with office clothes!

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& Moe is generously giving away this pretty pair of earrings!

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Unknown said...

hello sweet jacky! thanks for hosting this giveaway!

Unknown said...

everything in her shop is beautiful. i am a sucker for pottery!

Malorie said...

Turquoise, Pink & Gold Charm Necklace

Lynne said...

the deep variegated pumpkin spice bowl is my favorite!

AMber H said...

Love the Necklaces and earrings! I could wear every single piece!