Monday, April 22, 2013


hello Monday >> after being away at SNAP! all weekend, I believe today is going to require at least 2 cups of coffee...

hello home & husband >> SNAP! was amazing & I'm so thankful I got to be there, but my home is always my favorite place to be.

hello laundry >> not my favorite chore, but it needs to be done. first load is in now!

hello inspiration >> as soon as I got on the plane yesterday, I had to pull out my notebook & start scribbling down ideas. feeling refreshed & inspired as far as blogging goes, so keep an eye out for some upcoming posts. ;)

hello priorities // I'm realizing that I struggle with prioritizing & time management... not good. making an effort to put the truly important first & not sweat the small stuff, but also to (hopefully) not waste as much time in the course of a day.

hello Australia >> I haven't forgotten about sharing pictures from our trip! we just took SO many, I have to pare it down to the best ones. (you can see the first part of our travels here)

hello winner >> Katy P won this pretty scarf! congrats!


I'm linking up with Lisa Leonard today.
hope you all had wonderful weekends!


Katy P said...

Yay! Thanks sooo much, can't wait to wear it : )

deborah said...

I like to go places now and then, but home is my favorite too!

I struggle with prioritizing and time management too. And it's easy to look at other people and think they never do! :)

Becs said...

Love it when inspiration strikes, how fabulous! And I'm with you on the time management/priority thing. This is my biggest challenge too. Gorgeous mug. Happy week. :)