Friday, April 26, 2013

petunia travels // Caversham Wildlife Park

previously in the {petunia travels} series...

{just a note: all of our pictures are from our iPhones,
and I didn't edit any of them beyond resizing them for the blog}

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if you don't want to see lots of pictures of cool Australian animals,
you may as well skip right over this post. ;)

if I had to choose a "favorite thing" from our trip to Australia,
I think it would have to be Caversham Wildlife Park.
we spent most of the day there, and it was so neat to be able
to get "up close & personal" with some awesome animals.
{koalas! we got to pet them & everything!}

oh, and the kangaroos. totally amazing.
they had a huge enclosure where you could go in & walk around;
all the kangaroos were chilling out in the shade,
you could go right up & pet them.
I might have been freaking out a little about how cool it was! ;)
we saw quite a few beautiful birds...
a wombat {such a strange animal!}, funky lizards, dingo...
oh, and finally... a couple of baby kangaroos, about 6/7 months old!
seriously, they were just the most adorable little things;
I wanted to sneak one home in my suitcase. :D

do you have a favorite Aussie animal?

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I'll be sharing at least one more post about Australia,
but I want to share some SNAP! posts first...
so this edition of {petunia travels} will be continued a little later.
thanks for reading!


Unknown said...

Aww the babies are so cute! I just love them. Did you see any Australia possums? They are way cuter than our possums.

Elisabeth said...

Rudy:: kangaroos, or koalas! :)
Elisabeth:: koalas

Had so much fun reading your post, about your fun travails!

Unknown said...

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