Friday, September 10, 2010

color love {caramel latte}

inspired by my love of coffee & caramel together...

{caramel latte}

How do you take your coffee?


Mandy England said...

Who'd have thought that brown could look so gorgeous?! :] As always, Jackie, you've made my day with your lovely color post!
And how do I take my coffee? I'm not too hardcore- iced mocha every time :]

The Bonjour Four said...

oh love the colors! hope you have a fabulous weekend!

Katie Lane said...

You almost make this color look good (and I hate caramel color - yuck!).

The only coffee I like is the iced vanilla bean something or other from Starbucks, yummy!!

Kim said...

i take my coffee: 1 packet of splenda & hazelnut creamer OR any latte from starbucks i'll gladly drink :)

ps i can't get the headband link to work. can you tweet it to me? {ohsweetjoy}

thanks girl!