Thursday, September 16, 2010


Lately, the word community has been on my mind.
It's the thing that I appreciate the most about blogging, I think.

When I started blogging {2 years ago this November!}, I didn't have any readers.
And I really didn't expect any! Somehow along the way, I gained readers, and it's a great feeling.
I'd like to say that I don't blog for comments {because I don't really},
 but each comment left was such an encouragement.
Each person who left kind words pushed me to keep going, even when I didn't feel like it.


No, I don't know any of you in real life.
And I may never get the chance to meet you {although I'd love to!}.
But I appreciate each and every one of you so much.

What do you appreciate the most in your blogging experience?
How can I encourage you in your endeavors?


Bec said...

When you live in a tiny apartment with your husband, you don't have a whole lot of personal space. At all. So, my blog has become my little haven to have some time to myself :)

Shauna said...

New here and wanted to say hi :)

Shauna from

Unknown said...

I agree, you feel called to blog. But the comments make you feel like the calling was right.

The Bonjour Four said...

i agree completely with you on this. I have really enjoyed blogging and it is such a great way for me to express myself and to share what's going on in our lives with our family and friends. I have loved meeting others in the blogging community too. I agree about comments.. i don't blog for comments, but it sure is nice to hear from my lovely readers and it does keep you going on days you don't feel like writing. I sure adore your blog girl!