Sunday, September 12, 2010

{encourage one another}

"Therefore encourage one another and build each other up..." {1 Thessalonians 5:11}

Today is a National Day of Encouragement.

Encouragement is important. Sometimes you may never guess just how important it is in someone's life. But I know from experience that a kind word, a card sent, or a gift just to say "I'm thinking of you." can make a big difference.

At our church, we have a Secret Sister program. Names are given to all the participants, and for one year, you encourage that person secretly, mostly with small gifts and cards.

I won't lie...the woman I have this year is someone that I don't really get along with. God must have given me her name specifically because He wants me to love her as He does. My goal is to encourage her, and it's hard to do that without love. God is working on my heart.

This week, I sent her a card in the mail {anonymously, of course}. I had the privilege of receiving a Hope & Encouragement card pack from DaySpring, and the cards are all beautiful. My hope is that she opened the card just when she needed it, and that it made her feel God's love even more. To me, that's what encouragement is all about.

Who will you encourage today?

To encourage others and be encouraged yourself, check out (in)courage.


Lisa said...

I totally agree with your definition of encouragement! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Melissa said...

What a beautiful idea, thank you for sharing! I still have a small card sent to me over 2 years ago posted on my wall...I had just had my second baby and was going crazy, I opened the card (from my oldest friend in the world), and thought for sure she could see inside my brain and heart. It was just what I needed! I'm betting your card was just what she needed too. Happy NDOE (a day late!)

MFEO2009 said...

This was a really nice post. Love your page & the encouragement cards. Cute.