Monday, September 13, 2010

{crochet} do you?

Our local homeschool co-op is offering an Intermediate Crochet class this semester.
My sister and I signed up {grateful that this was a class for adults, too!}, something we can do together and learn some new stitches & techniques.

I've known how to crochet for quite awhile now, although I wouldn't call myself proficient.
I make a few things really well, but need some new inspiration.
I like to crochet practical things, things that have use and purpose.

I'm excited to see where this class will take me!

Do you crochet? What is your favorite project to work on?
I've been crocheting washcloths left and right lately!


The Bonjour Four said...

Hi! Soooo behind on commenting. Sounds like a lot of fun. I'll be anxious to see some of the things you make! ;) happy Monday!

Unknown said...

I've only crocheted fabric into a rug. I can chainstich yarn, but that's it. :)

Katie Lane said...

How fun!! I don't know how either, but would love to learn - maybe I should find a class to teach me :)

Brie said...

I haven't a clue how! But I really, really, want to learn.

Pssht. I'd just like to be "generally domesticated" really.