Friday, May 27, 2011

{color love} yellow

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I so enjoy searching out pretty photos for each week's {color love}!
Today, we have...

{ yellow }

{goldie clutch from EmersonMade}

{Pinterest, from here}

What color is inspiring you today?


Katie said...

I love those staircases! I've never seen anything like that and I love it.

Mandy England said...

Oh man, you know I love this!! :) That staircase is an inspiration! And I picked & pressed some of those same flowers that are in the first picture while we were in VA, and I actually have a tutorial scheduled for this Tuesday for what I did with them! :) Happy Friday!

Greta [NLDesigns] said...

That staircase is BREATHTAKING! So gorgeous.... I'm lovin the color GREEN today :) Camping weekend in the northwoods!


1 Funky Woman said...

Those yellow steps and the smile pillow are so sweet! Loving yellow these days!


Natalie Jane said...

Love it! Linked here on my post today. Thanks for celebrating my favorite color!

The Bonjour Four said...

oh my heavens i LOVE that clutch. I have that in my tumblr and so want one! Love the color yellow!

how are you?! thanks for the sweet comment you left the other day. I've been super bad about writing people back! sorry!