Tuesday, May 31, 2011

{some stuff}

It's Tuesday, late afternoon, and my mind goes all over the place.
Here's some stuff I've been thinking about...

...an unofficial blog break {the reason for no post yesterday}.
Our pastor's family had to go out of town, so my sister and I are
house-sitting/dog-watching for them.
It's kind of like a mini vacation for us. :)

...how cute these hair pins are!
{P.S. I've extended the shop discount until Friday:
FAVORITE15 for 15% off your order!}

...that I smell very strongly of Bath & Body Works.
I needed some new body spray, and I ended up trying just about every one in the store...
I ended up getting Twilight Woods & Sensual Amber. :)

...that I really want to put together a thank you notes book. Such a good idea!

...that playing Just Dance is a workout!


...that I'm excited about going out to dinner with a dear friend tonight. :)


What are you thinking about today?
Hope you have a lovely evening!


Katie said...

Just dance is so much fun! And I love the new yo-yo hair clips. They are cute.

Kel said...

very cute hair pins :)

Jessica said...

That Thank You Notes notebook is a brilliant idea ;) Thanks for the link!

Anonymous said...

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