Thursday, June 2, 2011

handmade {inspiration}

I love the potential of handmade.
I walk through the aisles of my local craft store,
exploring, dreaming, inventing, enjoying the possibilities.
I pick up fabric, yarn, buttons, and spools of thread as I go,
excited to get home and start creating.
{I hate that all my fabric needs to be washed
before I use it...I'm not patient enough!}
I love the feeling of completion when I finish a project.
I love giving away my creations, and seeing how they are enjoyed.
I love being complemented and telling people, "Oh, thanks, I made it!"

I just love handmade.


How about you?

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!


Megan said...

I too am guilty of spending hours in my local craft store, and if my husband would let me I would hundreds of dollars! :) Handmade is beautiful. Enjoyed your post.

Candice said...

perfectly said- love this :)

kate @ be merry, kate said...

Oh I feel the same! I love seeing something and saying, "I can make that!" It is so fun and inspiring to create things. And I am SO with you when it comes to washing fabric. I despise it... mostly because I don't have a washer/dryer right now and use the laundromat! The ladies at the laundromat always love when I come in with yards of fabric and pictures of recent projects. :)


Handbags*and*Pigtails said...

Oh my goodness...I HATE having to wash fabric before using it! Its the only bad thing about sewing. Esp when you have a really yummy fabric you want to use and then,"oh Im sorry-you need to wash me first". UGH!{Insert big.fat.frowny.face}

SheyB said...

True indeed.
I love the process of making something out of nothing. :)