Tuesday, June 7, 2011


found here
The time to read,
to smell the flowers,
to paint your dreams,
to have coffee with a friend,
to learn a new craft,
to write a letter,
to bake a surprise cake,
to go somewhere special,
to REALLY be with the person you love,
or even to do nothing for awhile...

What will you find the time for today?


Lindsay - Pen and Paint said...

I think today I will find some time to vacuum :) not so glamorous but after finding a pile of cheerios on the floor it must be done.

Jordan said...

Today I am going to pick some radishes, clean the kitchen, recycle and work on some baby booties for a dear friend's not yet born little one.

I love that idea, if you wanted to hang it on your wall it'd be easy to retype and change an idea if you wanted (I'm thinking coffee to tea).